Funding our Activities

Serving the Community on the Island

The Family Church Lanzarote exists not only to provide services in English for residents and tourists, but also supports and blesses those in need on the island.


The Church receives no funding other than the generous offering from our congregation. If you would like to support the Church and allow it to continue the work it does on the island, donations will be gratefully received and may be made to our PayPal Account.


All you need is to access the PayPal website:   and enter the Church’s PayPal email address ([email protected]) and the amount you wish to pay under the heading “Send Money in a few Clicks”. Use the arrow to select which currency you would like to remit then Click on  “Continue” , then click on “Send Them Money” under the heading “It’s for a Friend or Family” on the next screen.

You will then be required to logon (if you already have a PayPal Account) or sign up if you have not.


If you do not have a PayPal Account, don't worry. Just click on “Sign Up” and the only extra step is to create a password.


You will doubtless find other uses for your PayPal account as you will find many internet shopping sites ask for payment via PayPal.


You may find the following webpage helpful:


Your financial support, whether small or large, will be very much appreciated and put to good use.


God Bless

Chris Herman, Resident Pastor